Working with Insurance

Working with Insurance

We do not base our treatment recommendations on what your dental insurance company may or may not cover. We base our treatment plan for your teeth on what will best help you keep your teeth for your lifetime! And we know keeping your own teeth for your lifetime will help you live 10 years longer, and will also help you avoid heart attacks and strokes!

Dental Insurance is not at all like medical Insurance.

Dental Insurance first came out in the United States in 1972. At that time the highest maximum per year was about $1,000. Today some companies have purchased Dental Insurance for their employees with a $500. Or $750. Yearly maximum. The very best dental insurance maximum is about $2000. Per year. And the dental insurance company has lots of rules about what services they may cover and what services they will not cover.
Dental insurance is an agreement between your employer, or whoever they or you purchased the insurance from (AARP or COSTCO), and the dental insurance company.

About 50% of our patients do not have any dental insurance coverage. These people realize the value of maintaining excellent oral health and the fact that it drastically affects their overall health. We do offer a cash discount to patients who do not have dental insurance.

The other 50% of our patients have some type of dental insurance. As a courtesy to you, we ask you to pay your portion of your estimated treatment cost. Our experienced dental insurance specialists will work with your insurance company to maximize your dental benefits therefore keeping your out of pocket expense to a minimum. We will wait on the money expected from your dental insurance company. You do not have to pay the entire fee up front. Just the portion your dental insurance does not cover.

We accept all PPO dental insurances that allow you to choose your own dentist. At this time, we are only “IN NETWORK” with a few PPO dental plans. Even if we are out of network with your dental insurance you can still use your insurance benefits at our office. The cost difference to you is usually very small. The care you will receive in our office will be well worth the small cost difference. Please call our insurance specialists with your dental insurance questions!

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