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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Your oral health does not only affect how your teeth look and feel – it can actually influence your entire body. This is seen most clearly with periodontal disease (also known as gum disease), a potentially dangerous condition that affects over half of adult Americans today and has been linked through studies to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, low birth weight for newborns, and much more. Dr. Heather Martinson and her team are dedicated to helping patients fight this threat with personalized, quality care. Before you know it, you will be back to enjoying both a happier smile and a more confident sense of overall wellbeing!

How do I know if I have periodontal disease?

There are several symptoms you can look for during your regular oral hygiene routine that can indicate the presence of periodontal disease. They include:

  • Gums that have become swollen, red, and/or tender when touched
  • Oral bleeding that occurs when brushing/flossing
  • A change in the way your bite fits together
  • Teeth that appear longer (this is a sign of receding gums)
  • Bad breath that persists even after brushing/flossing/using mouthwash

However, it is important to remember that in many cases, symptoms are mild or even unnoticeable to an untrained eye until the condition progresses to a more advanced stage. That is why it is so crucial for patients who value their whole, healthy smiles to attend regular check-ups with Dr. Martinson.

Periodontal Treatment Options

We may recommend several different services for treating periodontal disease, depending on the severity of your condition. We offer non-surgical periodontal therapy that is unique to a patient's needs. This therapy can provide much-needed relief as well, which consists of removing tartar, plaque and toxins from above and below the gum line while also smoothing rough spots on root surfaces. Surgical intervention could be necessary in the most extreme cases.

You are never just a number on a chart at the office of Dr. Heather Martinson. Our team is dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with the focused attention and quality time they deserve to achieve true oral health and beauty. Contact our Arlington, TX office today to schedule you first appointment!